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The trend of rural tourism in Greece

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Greece has large areas of land, deep insight into the ecology, agriculture, gastronomy and cultivation of many Greek products. Rural / agricultural tourism is a new and very developing trend of tourism in Greece.

Love nature? Looking for a quiet place in the village? Recognize and feel the people, customs, traditions or secrets of local cuisine?

Agricultural tourism in Greece offers an opportunity to come into contact with Greek nature and take part in an authentic village community combined with mountain sports in nature - such as mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking, bird watching or horseback riding.

Apart from participating in agricultural activities, agricultural farms also organize seminars to cook Greek recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients, some of which deal with pottery workshops, knitting or other folk activities of the Greek countryside.

The autumn is the period when most of the agricultural works are done in Greece when harvesting the olive trees, producing the olive oil, making wine, bird or raki, collecting seasonal fruits from the trees and vegetables from the ground, collecting mushrooms and herbs from the mountain and producing jams, sweets and so on.

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