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Agricultural / rural tourism is the new mantra

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Tourism is classified according to the type of activity, location, length of stay, etc. Examples include: heritage tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, geographic tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, agricultural tourism and more.

Like successful business industries, the tourism industry is built by meeting customer needs and expectations. This philosophy is also correct for a successful business called rural tourism or agorism.

In order to meet the unique needs and interests of travelers whose main motivation to travel is to escape the routine of daily life, in search of adventure, ecological activities and pleasure from a variety of rural activities, agro-tourism or agricultural / rural tourism has developed.

Agro tourism is a type of vacation where hospitality is offered on farms where activities can include assistance and learning about agriculture, fruit and vegetable picking, horseback riding, honey tasting, opportunity to purchase local and regional produce, etc.

People visit farms, vineyards wineries, go picking apples, fishing for fun. Many farms around the world offer a unique and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Positive effects of agro tourism

Agricultural tourism helps raise awareness among local farmers about reducing climate impact on land, water, forest, health and fish resources. Tourists and local groups can exchange knowledge about agriculture.

You can use tourism revenue to fund further research on environmentally sustainable and sustainable agriculture.

Eco-friendly agriculture can reduce unemployment and improve the quality of life of local people, take advantage of regional attractions and various parts of the country suitable for various crops and agriculture.

The success of agro tourism is entirely dependent on proper planning, coordination and orderly and systematic execution. Various government agencies need to work together at a concert, businesses and sponsors have a critical role to play.

The government can initiate a project to support local farmers to protect the land, while the Academy for Rural Development can help promote agricultural tourism. Students and universities can take organic agriculture as extra-communal activities and community service. They can use their creativity to find ways to integrate organic farming in rural areas. To encourage them, schools can give extra credit or give scholarships to students who show interest. As for promotional strategies, it is necessary to publish attractive and creative advertisements in travel guides, magazines, and distribute the word through tour operators, travel agents and travel writers abroad.

Accommodation in agricultural farms -

Even if you have never dreamed of working an hour on a farm - you will love to stay there. Accommodation at the farm allows you to stay in a rural environment with excursions in nature, and if you want to experience farm work. Italy is the leader in the field, but accommodation on farms is also very popular in other destinations in Europe, the US and even New Zealand

 Accommodation on the farm is suitable for a wide variety of vacationers: from couples who are interested in a romantic vacation where they can drink wine from the local winery and enjoy the view from their balcony to families interested in active vacation and a comfortable place to go for star trips.

 In the United States, it is not just a farm but a brunch - a huge cattle farm that allows guests to feel cowboy for a few days. Such farms are common in Texas, Montana and more.

And the vacation at the farm provides all these needs. These are usually ancient buildings that look out to a spectacular view. Many of the farms have swimming pools and sports facilities, and offer plenty of excursions and activities in the immediate surroundings: hiking trails, lake fishing, agricultural activities, horseback riding, cycling and more.

The farms are distinguished by the level of amenities and services they offer, and choosing the right farm is difficult. Here are some recommended farms around the world:


Vacation on active farm in California

This is a holiday style that is especially suitable for families, who can enjoy the countryside, the green spaces and the proximity to the animals. More and more Israelis are discovering the charm of a family vacation on a farm in destinations like Holland and Italy, but this time we want to offer something different that is more suitable for adventurous families - an active farm vacation in the United States. The American farms are often larger than their European counterparts, more isolated and surrounded by wild nature, and some can spend long days without leaving the farm surface, with a variety of activities - from caring for animals to gardening to fishing and horseback riding.

Especially suitable for a family holiday, thanks to its abundance of activities, is the Marble Mountain Guest Runch in Northern California.

The family ranch, where horses are raised, covers a vast area (including a flowing river) and offers countless activities in an all-inclusive package. Families who spend time in the farm can spend their time in relaxing activities such as feeding the animals on the farm, collecting chicken eggs, making jam and swimming in the pool, and more exciting activities such as horseback riding (rafting for those who have never rode a horse) Which the Americans love.

In the evening you can enjoy fine barbecue meals at the farm restaurant or light a bonfire and enjoy the family together under a starry sky.

The fact that neither cellular reception nor Wi-Fi is limited increases the sense of closeness to nature and ensures that family members will be primarily engaged in each other, properly on family vacation. After a few days at the farm you can continue to more classic destinations of California, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Highway 1 and Yosemite Park. For more information, see the farm site.


Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscany region of Italy is the leading in terms of agriturismo, accommodation in farms. There are thousands of sleeping farms in the area, some of which have changed their purpose from farm farms to hospitality farms, and some of them offer accommodation in their fields, but they are still active in some of the farm's activities.

Agriturismo la Presura

The first ranch set its gates for overnight stays in the Chianti Classico area, the most sought after area in Tuscany, Agriturismo la Presura. The farm is located on a 300 meter hill between Florence and Greve, which guarantees a magnificent view from every corner. Settlement on the farm began in the Middle Ages, but instead hosts tourists starting in 1849. The farm is active to this day, with vineyards and olive groves. Wine and olive oil are produced here.

The structure is made of terracotta, wood and stone, with 8 apartments. During the summer season guests can enjoy meals served in the impressive dining room or in the garden, and all the dishes are made entirely of farm products: vegetables, fruits, eggs and poultry.

There is a swimming pool where you can enjoy the view of the local hills. The farm has four walking trails, which pass through olive groves, grape vineyards and a forest, and even a private lake where you can fish.

Prices: from EUR 86 per night per couple per season. Can be reached with the family pet.



 And another is Poggiacolle, which is in one of the best places to think of in Tuscany - between Florence and Siena, and only 2 km from the beautiful town of the San Gimignano towers, which you can see from the ranch, on two hills rich in vineyards, orchards Olives, wheat fields and forests

The produce is organic and includes wine and olive oil

Halina is an 18th-century building with several rooms and apartments built in Tuscan style, with wood and terracotta. A swimming pool with views of San Gimignano, bicycle rental and hiking trails is available.

You can visit the farm's winery, participate in grape harvest and olive harvest, and join Italian classes and painting.

The price per couple in the season starts at 80 euros per night, including breakfast. Pets allowed.



The farms in the UK are usually smaller than their Italian sisters, offering less pampering like a swimming pool and gourmet meals, but they have a lot of charm and are great for a holiday with tiny ones. Many times they look as though they were taken from an illustration to the children's books of old: an old wooden building, a few horses, cows and pigs. Information on accommodation in the UK farms can be found on this site.

Hearthstone farm

An organic family farm located in the hills above the village of Matluk in the district of Darbishir. On the farm they breed cattle, pigs and sheep. As cute as they may be, they eventually make their way to the guests' plates at breakfast and the farm shop. The three rooms are located in a 16th century farmhouse, all with services, shower and TV. The area has a variety of hiking and cycling trails and canoeing.

Price: from £ 65 per couple per night


Norway has many family farms with spectacular views and close to nature sites. The farms in Norway are usually great for a family holiday, but they offer relatively basic conditions: the toilets and showers are often shared and there is an extra charge for linen and towels.

Strind Gard

A family farm located in the western fjords of Norway. The famous Fjord Geirgener is a 2-hour drive away. On the farm, sheep, chickens and horses are raised and all these are attractive to the little ones. There is a river flowing on the farm, and a small waterfall is a short walk away. The farm is located between four national parks that include the high mountains in Norway, so there are plenty of climbing and walking trails in the farm and its surroundings. There are 7 wooden cabins, two of which have en suite bathrooms and showers and access to shared bathroom and showers. Some cabins have a fully equipped kitchenette. There is also a sauna and washing machine in place, making it suitable for long-term stays. On fine days you can eat outside and have a barbecue on the large terrace overlooking the view.

The price per night starts at 220 Norwegian kroner for the most basic cabin. Bed linen and towels can be rented at an additional cost.


In the Netherlands, too, the farms are usually small and family, and often produce milk and allow children to experiment with milking (and with a great breakfast). Many Dutch farms are located a short drive from Amsterdam and can therefore serve as a quiet, convenient and inexpensive base for trips in the city, instead of the hotels in the city which are usually very expensive and crowded.

Ecoboerderij Watervliet

A charming farm located only 20 km from Amsterdam and close to tourist attractions such as the open museum "Zansa Scenes", instead of two rooms and a communal kitchen, and the farm's charm is in an environment full of water canals and the fact that this is an active farm where you can experience the day-to-day farm work, With goats, sheep, cows and rabbits and the lucky ones will be able to see the littering season.

Price: from EUR 50-45 per couple, excluding breakfast.


 Lonesome Pine Ranch

The farm is about an hour's drive west of Houston, Texas, and covers a vast area that includes grazing fields, lakes and forests. The farm was first settled in 1823 and is still active today. There are horses, cattle and more. The accommodation options are varied and include the lodge, a large house suitable for large groups, a cozy cabin for intimate hospitality and the lake house, a 1880 Texan farmhouse with two bedrooms.

Activities offered include horse riding and horseback riding, which is a great pleasure in the spring, when the vast pastures between the farms are covered with a wonderful flowering. Other activities include fishing in the lakes and hunting in a limited manner. Animal lovers (those who prefer to see them rather than hunt them) will enjoy watching deer, wild cats, foxes, coyotes, serene and ducks. All these are visible in the farm.

Price: from $ 140 per couple per night.

New Zealand

New Zealand also has huge farms, many of which offer a different, luxurious and luxurious accommodation experience, which is often suitable for a romantic vacation rather than for a family vacation due to the high price of accommodation.

Grasmere Lodge & Farm

The farm is located near Arthur Pass, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The Lodge belongs to the prestigious organization "The Smallest Luxury Hotels in the World". The original mansion was built in 1858. Today sheep are grown on the farm and there is also a winery. There are several accommodation options - rooms and suites in the lodge, which overlook the lake, a chalet overlooking mountain views and a cottage with river views. All include treats such as rocking chairs, mini bar, furnished patio with views of the view, Jacuzzi and more. There is a swimming pool and a spa, but also activities for more active travelers - a variety of climbing and walking trails around the farm, horseback riding, sheep grazing, fishing and even helicopter flights to view the landscape.

Price: from 622 NZD per person in double room per night, excluding taxes. The rate includes breakfast, a five-course dinner and a cocktail before dinner.

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